CISSP CAT versus the (older) linear 250 questions exam

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    Andrew 1 year ago

    I sat both the CAT and the (older) linear exam.

    Unfortunately, I came short on the old 250 questions exam in November 2017, scoring 695/700. I was disappointed and angry, but forced myself to concentrate on the goal. I decided to re-read two different books and concentrate on my weak areas. Before the exam, to test my readiness, I did one single 1300 (or it was more- I don't remember now) practice questions test (took me 2 days to complete) via official Wiley test website and scored 87%. I felt that I could do it. 

    In June 2018 I took the CAT and passed it around 110th question (don't remember exactly) having only 20 minutes to go. My strategy paid off - I did not care about the time, but rather spent time reading and understanding the problem at hand.

    As a non-native speaker, I do not feel that the old test was easier than the new one. Both were challenging. But based on my first score and successful CAT, I assume that they are aligned well. I am super happy that it didn't take me 6 hours on my second attempt, so I would take CAT over 6 hour exam without hesitation.

    I've used CISSP® (ISC)2® Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide Seventh Edition book to prep for my exam 

    Finally, the key to passing the exam is simple - know the material and take time to understand the question and the answer - frustration is not your friend.

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    Aleh 1 year ago

    I was able to pass it from the first try; Although it took me some time to prepare

  • AZeek's Avatar
    AZeek 1 year ago

    Nonetheless, people need to understand, that they need to know the material!

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