Passed my CCSP January 4th 2019

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    Andrew 1 year ago

    Passed my CCSP exam today and wanted to share some thoughts regarding the prep:
    - I have read:
      1. Official Study Guide 1st edition (twice)
      2. CCSP CBK 2nd edition (once)
      3. CSA Guidance v4 (once)
    - Twice went through CCSP official questions 800+ questions

    Started my studies on October 25 2018, and passed the test on January 4th 2019 (minus the holidays and 2 weeks vacation)

    I was surprised how "relatively" easy it was.
    When I took the CISSP I wasn’t sure about my progress (I think that CISSP was really tough!), but I knew that I am doing well during the CCSP and I knew that I would pass.

    The questions are less tricky than CISSP and there are lot of simple questions similar (not Disclosing any actual questions here) to “what is the port for xxx”- so very well aligned to Wiley Testbank.

    Four hours to answer 125 is also a lot, I could have finished it in less than two hours. Nonetheless, I decided to take a break and then rechecked all the answers once again. It took me approximately 2h30min to complete this test.

    In the conclusion, I think this is a great certification that has more depth than CISSP, but lacks in breadth. Also, it is way less complex than CISSP, but I would not reccomend taking this test before the CISSP, since the material definitely crosses over between the two.

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