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    When you are preparing for your favorite IT exam, your choice of study material also matters. The best choice available for IT candidates is 70-412 dumps. With this smart guide you not only pass your exam at the first attempt but also get money back guarantee. The original study stuff can be downloaded from Exam4Help at an amount affordable for all. If you download free demo version right now from the same site, you don’t need any further details about the stuff. 70-412 questions and answers cover diversity of topics and present all the information in short and terse. You will also get access to online practice test for betterment of your preparation. You can start your journey here with highly qualified experts while seeking help from 70-412 dumps PDF .

    Sample Questions:


    Question: 1 


    Your company recently deployed a new Active Directory forest named The first domain controller in the forest runs Windows Server 2012 R2. You need to identify the time-to-live (TTL) value for domain referrals to the NETLOGON and SYSVOL shared folders. Which tool should you use? 

    A. Ultrasound 

    B. Replmon 

    C. Dfsdiag 

    D. Frsutil 


    Answer: C


    Question: 2 


    Your network contains two Active Directory forests named and contains one domain. contains a child domain named has a one-way forest trust to Selective authentication is enabled on the forest trust. Several user accounts are migrated from to Users report that after the migration, they fail to access resources in The users successfully accessed the resources in before the accounts were migrated. You need to ensure that the migrated users can access the resources in What should you do? 


    A. Replace the existing forest trust with an external trust. 

    B. Run netdom and specify the /quarantine attribute. 

    C. Disable SID filtering on the existing forest trust. 

    D. Disable selective authentication on the existing forest trust. 


    Answer: C


    Question: 3 


    Your network contains an Active Directory forest named The forest contains three domains. All domain controllers run Windows Server 2012 R2. The forest has a two-way realm trust to a Kerberos realm named You discover that users in can only access resources in the root domain of You need to ensure that the users can access the resources in all of the domains in the forest. What should you do in the forest? 


    A. Delete the realm trust and create a forest trust. 

    B. Delete the realm trust and create three external trusts. 

    C. Modify the incoming realm trust. 

    D. Modify the outgoing realm trust. 


    Answer: D

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