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Certificate revocation list (CRL)

List of invalid certificates (as defined above) that have been revoked by the issuer. The list of certificates that have been revoked by a certificate authority before the lifetimes of the certificates have expired.

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A trusted third party that associates a public key with proof of identity by producing a digitally signed certificate. A CA provides to users a digital certificate that links the public key with some assertion about the user, such as identity, credit payment card number etc. Certification authorities may offer other services such as timestamping, key management services, and certificate revocation services. It can also be defined as an independent trusted source that attests to some factual element of information for the purposes of certifying information in the electronic environment. An agency that authenticates and distributes digital certificates.
Certificate Revocation ListCertificate revocation list.
A set of information that at least: identifies the certification authority issuing the certificate; unambiguously names or identifies its owner; contains the owner’s public key and is digitally signed by the certification authority issuing it. Digitally signed document that binds a public key with an identity. The certificate contains, at a minimum, the identity of the issuing Certification Authority, the user identification information, and the user’s public key. Endorsed copy of an individual’s public key that verifies their identity.
Process whereby certificates (as defined above) are generated, stored, protected, transferred, loaded, used, and destroyed.
A read-only version of a certificate authority that is able to distribute the CRL and perform certificate verification processes but is not able to create new certificates. An RA is used to share the workload of a CA.

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