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(1) A condition that is present when two or more terminals are in contention during simultaneous network access attempts. (2) InA collision occurs when two systems transmit data at the same time onto a connection medium that supports only a single transmission path.

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A communication medium that supports only a single communication signal at a time. A form of modulation in which data signals are pulsed directly on the transmission medium without frequency division and usually utilize a transceiver. In baseband, the entire bandwidth of the transmission medium (cable) is utilized for a single channel. It uses a single carrier
An avoidance method for communications channel contention that depends on two stations detecting the simultaneous start of each other’s transmission, stopping, and waiting a random period of time before beginning again. See also carrier sense, multiple access.
A multiplestation access scheme for avoiding contention in packet networks in which each station can sense the presence of carrier signals from other stations and thus avoid transmitting a packet that would result in a collision. See also collision detection.
A communication medium that supports multiple communication signals simultaneously. Characteristic of any network that multiplexes multiple, independent network carriers onto a single cable. Broadband technology allows several networks to coexist on one single cable; traffic from one network does not interfere with traffic from another because the conversations happen on different frequencies in the “ether,” rather like the commercial radio system.
A network connection established between two systems over an existing private or public network. A VPN provides confidentiality and integrity for network traffic through the use of encryption. A secure private network that uses the public telecommunications infrastructure to transmit data. In contrast to a much more expensive system of owned or leased lines that can only be used by one company, VPNs are used by enterprises for both extranets and wide are intranets. Using encryption and authentication, a VPN encrypts all data that passes between two Internet points, maintaining privacy and security. Protected information system link utilizing tunneling, security controls (. See information assurance), and endpoint address translation giving the impression of a dedicated line.

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