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Contingency key

Key held for use under specific operational conditions or in support of specific contingency plans. (. See reserve keying material. )

Similar items:
Short-term and highly detailed plans based on the strategic and tactical plans. Operational plans are valid or useful only for a short time. They must be updated often (such as monthly or quarterly) to retain compliance with tactical plans. Operational plans are detailed plans on how to accomplish the various goals of the organization.
Key held to satisfy unplanned needs. (. See contingency key. )
Segment of security testing in which advertised security mechanisms of an information system are tested under operational conditions. The segment of security testing in which the advertised security mechanisms of the system are tested, under operational conditions, for correct operation.
Plans for emergency response, backup operations, and postdisaster recovery maintained by a computer information processing facility as a part of its security program.
Techniques that are employed to eliminate, reduce, or mitigate risk, such as inherent safe and secure (re)design techniques/features, alerts, warnings, operational procedures, instructions for use, training, and contingency plans.

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