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CRT (cathode-ray tube)

A monitor that looks like a television set.

Similar items:
The display device for computer terminals, typically a televisionlike electronic vacuum tube.
A security system using video cameras and video recording devices.
A medium used for telecommunications. It is similar to the type of cable used for carrying television signals.
A form of media distribution occurring over the Internet (in contrast to more traditional means such as over-the-air or cable TV broadcasts and radio stations). Can also include and is related to videocasting, audiocasting, podcasting, netcasting, Internet television, and IP TV.
A mechanical, electrical, or electronic device that opens or closes circuits, completes or breaks an electrical path, or selects paths or circuits. A switch looks at incoming data to determine the destination address. Based on that address, a transmission path is set up through the switching matrix between the incoming and outgoing physical communications ports and links. A network device that is an intelligent hub because it knows the addresses of the systems connected on each outbound port. Instead of repeating traffic on every outbound port, a switch repeats only traffic out of the port on which the destination is known to exist. Switches offer greater efficiency for traffic delivery, create separate broadcast and collision domains, and improve the overall throughput of data.

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