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Onward transfer

The transfer of personally identifiable information (PII) by the recipient of the original data to a second recipient. For example, the transfer of PII from an entity in Germany to an entity in the United States constitutes onward transfer of that data.

Similar items:
A privacy principle that requires reasonable disclosure to a consumer of an entity’s personally identifiable information (PII) collection and use practices. This disclosure information is typically conveyed in a privacy notice or privacy policy. Microsoft: http://www. microsoft. com/security/glossary/.
Any data item that can be easily and/or obviously traced back to the person of origin or concern.
A person, organization, or technical means that provides foreign intelligence or foreign counterintelligence and that, if its identity or capability is disclosed, is vulnerable to counteraction that could nullify or significantly reduce its effectiveness in providing foreign intelligence or foreign counterintelligence to the United States. An intelligence source also means a person or organization that provides foreign intelligence or foreign counterintelligence to the United States only on the condition that its identity remains undisclosed.
Information that may be collected by a Web site but is not “personally identifiable” to you. Aggregate information includes demographic data, domain names, Internet provider addresses, and Web site traffic. As long as none of these fields is linked to a user’s personal information, the data is considered aggregate.
A method for ensuring a recipient that a message truly came from the claimed sender and that the message was not altered while in transit between the sender and recipient. Cryptographic process used to assure message originator authenticity, integrity, and nonrepudiation. Synonymous with electronic signature. The act of electronically affixing an encrypted message digest to a computer file or message in which the originator is then authenticated to the recipient.

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