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Electronic signature

Any technique designed to provide the electronic equivalent of a handwritten signature to demonstrate the origin and integrity of specific data. Digital signatures are an example of electronic signatures. See digital signature.

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A form of electronic signatures which involves the biometric recording of the pen dynamics used in signing the document. When used as a biometric, the use of the pattern and speed of a person writing their signature to establish identity or provide authentication.
A method for ensuring a recipient that a message truly came from the claimed sender and that the message was not altered while in transit between the sender and recipient. Cryptographic process used to assure message originator authenticity, integrity, and nonrepudiation. Synonymous with electronic signature. The act of electronically affixing an encrypted message digest to a computer file or message in which the originator is then authenticated to the recipient.
Perform a cryptographic calculation using a message, a signature for the message, and a public key, to determine whether the signature was generated by someone knowing the corresponding private key.
A standard that specifies that all federally approved digital signature algorithms must use a secure hashing function. The National Security Administration’s standard for verifying an electronic message.
Algorithms applied to data that are designed to ensure confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and/or nonrepudiation. Art or science concerning the principles, means, and methods for rendering plain information unintelligible and for restoring encrypted information to intelligible form. The study of mathematical techniques related to aspects of information security such as confidentiality, data integrity, entity authentication, and data origin authentication. Cryptography is not the only means of providing information security services, but rather one set of techniques. The word itself comes from the Greek word kryptos, which means “hidden” or “covered. ” Cryptography is a way to hide writing but yet retain a way to uncover it again.

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