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Shielded enclosure

Room or container designed to attenuate electromagnetic radiation, acoustic signals, or emanations.

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Short name referring to investigation, study, and control of compromising emanations from information system equipment. The study and control of electronic signals produced by various types of electronic hardware, such as computers, televisions, phones, and so on. Its primary goal is to prevent EM and RF radiation from leaving a strictly defined area so as to eliminate the possibility of external radiation monitoring, eavesdropping, and signal sniffing. The study and control of spurious electronic signals emitted from electronic equipment. TEMPEST is a classification of technology designed to minimize the electromagnetic emanations generated by computing devices. TEMPEST technology makes it difficult, if not impossible, to compromise confidentiality by capturing emanated information.
Specially designed room used for wiring a data or voice network. Wiring closets serve as a central junction point for the wiring and wiring equipment that is used for interconnecting devices. The room where the networking cables for a whole building or just a floor are connected to other essential equipment, such as patch panels, switches, routers, LAN extenders, backbone channels, and so on. A more technical name for wiring closet is premises wire distribution room.
Signals transmitted as radiation through the air or conductors.
Any transmission, emission, or reception of signs, signals, writing, images, sounds, or other information by wire, radio, visual, satellite, or electromagnetic systems. Preparation, transmission, communication, or related processing of information (writing, images, sounds, or other data) by electrical, electromagnetic, electromechanical, electrooptical, or electronic means.
A type of electrical noise that can do more than just cause problems with how equipment functions; it can also interfere with the quality of communications, transmissions, and playback. Electromagnetic waves emitted by a device.

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