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Unauthenticated Scan

A form of vulnerability scan that tests the target systems without having passwords or other special information that would grant the scanner special privileges. This allows the scan to run from the perspective of an attacker but also limits the ability of the scanner to fully evaluate possible vulnerabilities.

Similar items:
A test performed on a system to find weaknesses in the security infrastructure. Vulnerability scans automatically probe systems, applications, and networks looking for weaknesses that may be exploited by an attacker. The scanning tools used in these tests provide quick point-and-click tests that perform otherwise tedious tasks without requiring manual intervention.
A skill by which an unauthorized person gains the trust of someone inside an organization and encourages the victim to make a change to the IT system in order to grant the attacker access. It can also be used as a means to trick a victim into disclosing information to the attacker. An attack based on deceiving users or administrators at the target site. For example, a person who illegally enters computer systems by persuading an authorized person to reveal IDs, passwords, and other confidential information.
A model that employs a directed graph to dictate how rights can be passed from one subject to another or from a subject to an object. Simply put, a subject with the grant right can grant another subject or another object any other right they possess. Likewise, a subject with the take right can take a right from another subject.
A program used to detect weaknesses within an organization. Vulnerability scans and vulnerability assessments are two common elements of a vulnerability management program. Vulnerability scans are technical scans performed regularly, and vulnerability assessments are normally combined with a risk assessment.
The perspective from which vulnerability/threat analyses are conducted (system owner, administrator, certifier, customer, etc. ); also referred to as risk dimension.

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