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The CITT and ISO standard for electronic directory services.

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A centralized database of resources available to the network, much like a telephone directory for network services and assets. Users, clients, and processes consult the directory service to learn where a desired system or resource resides. A service provided on a computer network that allows one to look up addresses (and perhaps other information such as public key certificates) based upon usernames.
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. Protocol that provides access for management and browser applications that provide read/write interactive access to the X. 500 Directory.
This protocol provides access for management and browser application that provide read/write interactive access to the X. 500 Directory.
Short name referring to investigation, study, and control of compromising emanations from information system equipment. The study and control of electronic signals produced by various types of electronic hardware, such as computers, televisions, phones, and so on. Its primary goal is to prevent EM and RF radiation from leaving a strictly defined area so as to eliminate the possibility of external radiation monitoring, eavesdropping, and signal sniffing. The study and control of spurious electronic signals emitted from electronic equipment. TEMPEST is a classification of technology designed to minimize the electromagnetic emanations generated by computing devices. TEMPEST technology makes it difficult, if not impossible, to compromise confidentiality by capturing emanated information.
In legal proceedings, each side has a duty to preserve evidence related to the case and, through the discovery process, share information with their adversary in the proceedings. This discovery process applies to both paper records and electronic records, and the electronic discovery (or e-Discovery) process facilitates the processing of electronic information for disclosure.

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