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A standard that is part of the X. 500 specifications and defines the format of a public key certificate.

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This is an information system utilizing an algorithm or series of algorithms which provide a cryptographic key pair consisting of a private key and a corresponding public key. The keys of the pair have the properties that (1) the public key can verify a digital signature that the private key creates, and (2) it is computationally infeasible to discover or derive the private key from the public key. The public key can therefore be disclosed without significantly risking disclosure of the private key. This can be used for confidentiality as well as for authentication.
A subset of asymmetric cryptography based on the use of a key pair set consisting of a public key and a private key. Messages encrypted with one key from the pair can be decrypted only with the other key from the same pair.
<p>NIST Cloud Computing Security Reference Architecture</p><p>The purpose of this document is to define a NIST Cloud Computing Security Reference Architecture (NCC-SRA)--a framework that: <br>1. Identifies a core set of Security Components that can be implemented in a Cloud Ecosystem to secure the environment, the operations, and the data migrated to the cloud; <br>2. Provides, for each Cloud Actor, the core set of Security Components that fall under their responsibilities depending on the deployment and service models; <br>3. Defines a security-centric formal architectural model that adds a security layer to the current NIST SP 500-292, "NIST Cloud Computing Reference Architecture"; and <br>4. Provides several approaches for analyzing the collected and aggregated data.</p>
Mandatory statement of minimum requirements that support some part of a policy. A set of rules or specifications that, when taken together, define a software or hardware device. A standard is also an acknowledged basis for comparing or measuring something. Standards are important because new technology will only take root once a group of specifications is agreed upon.
Public Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) are specifications produced by RSA Laboratories in cooperation with secure systems developers worldwide for the purpose of accelerating the deployment of public key cryptography.

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