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Governance Framework

Six Components:

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<p>IT Governance typically focuses on several key processes:</p><p>- Personnel management<br>- Sourcing<br>- Change Management<br>- Financial Management<br>- Quality Management<br>- Security Management<br>- Performance Optimization</p>
A security concept infrastructure used to organize the complex security solution of companies. Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT), Release 4. 0, IT Governance Institute, 2005.
The management structure, organization, responsibility, and reporting processes surrounding a successful information security program.
The most dramatic change to federal securities laws since the 1930s, this Act radically redesigns federal regulation of public company corporate governance and reporting obligations. It also significantly tightens accountability standards for directors and officers, auditors, securities analysts, and legal counsel.
The collection of practices related to supporting, defining, and directing the security efforts of an organization.

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