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A platform-independent programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. Objectoriented programming language developed at Sun Microsystems to solve a number of problems in modern programming practice. The Java language is used extensively on the World Wide Web, particularly for applets.

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A markup language that defines rules of document formatting and encoding that is both human and machine readable. Designed to enable the use of SGML on the World Wide Web, XML is a regular markup language that defines what you can do (or what you have done) in the way of describing information for a fixed class of documents (like HTML). XML goes beyond this and allows you to define your own customized markup language. It can do this because it is an application profile of SGML. XML is a metalanguage, a language for describing languages.
The cloud computing concept of providing a computing platform and software solution stack a virtual or cloud-based service. Essentially, it is the concept of paying for a service that provides all the aspects of a platform (i. e. , operating system and complete solution package).
Using the client/server model and the World Wide Web’s HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Web Server is a software program that serves Web page files to users.
Microsoft’s component object model (COM) technology used in web applications. ActiveX is implemented using any one of a variety of languages, including Visual Basic, C, C++, and Java. Microsoft’s Windowsspecific nonJava technique for writing applets. ActiveX applets take considerably longer to download than the equivalent Java applets; however, they more fully exploit the features of Windows.
A distributed file system developed by Sun Microsystems that allows a set of computers to cooperatively access each other’s files in a transparent manner.

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