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Residual information remaining on storage media after clearing. (. See magnetic remanence and clearing. )The residual magnetism that remains on magnetic storage media after degaussing.

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Magnetic representation of residual information remaining on a magnetic medium after the medium has been cleared. (. See clearing. )
Data that remains on media after the data has been supposedly removed. Purging and sanitization methods attempt to ensure that all data is removed from media without any data remanence.
Portion of risk remaining after security measures have been applied. Risk that comprises specific threats to specific assets against which upper management chooses not to implement a safeguard. In other words, residual risk is the risk that management has chosen to accept rather than mitigate.
Reassignment and reuse of a storage medium containing one or more objects after ensuring no residual data remains on the storage medium.
(1) Removing the classified content of an otherwise unclassified resource. (2) Removing any information that could identify the source from which the information came. Any number of processes that prepares media for destruction. Sanitization is the process that ensures that data cannot be recovered by any means from destroyed or discarded media. Sanitization can also be the actual means by which media is destroyed. Media can be sanitized by purging or degaussing without physically destroying the media.

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