Term Description
A form of media distribution occurring over the Internet (in contrast to more traditional means such as over-the-air or cable TV broadcasts and radio stations). Can also include and is related to videocasting, audiocasting, podcasting, netcasting, Internet television, and IP TV.
Well-Known Ports
The first 1,024 ports of TCP and UDP. They are usually assigned to commonly used services and applications.
Wet Pipe System
A fire suppression system that is always full of water. Water discharges immediately when triggered by a fire or smoke. Also known as a closed head system.
A form of phishing that targets specific high-level executives such as CEOs and presidents.
White Box Testing
A form of program testing that examines the internal logical structures of a program.
Whitehat (or ethical) hacker
A computer security professional who is hired by a company to break into its computer system.
An Internet resource that permits users to initiate queries to a database containing information on users, hosts, networks, and domains.
Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity)
A way of transmitting information in a wave form that is reasonably fast and is often used for notebooks. Also known as IEEE 802. 11b.
Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)
An early alternative to WEP based on a secret passphrase and employing the LEAP and TKIP crypto systems. It is attackable through passphrase guessing.
WiMax (802.16)
A wireless standard that defines citywide wireless access technologies.