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A form of marking that embeds copyright information about the artist or owner. The process of digital watermarking hides information within a file that is known only to the file’s creator. If someone later creates an unauthorized copy of the content, the watermark can be used to detect the copy and (if uniquely watermarked files are provided to each original recipient) trace the offending copy back to the source.

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A watermarking attack that is particularly useful for images that are distributed over the Internet. It relies on a web browsers ability to assemble mutiple images so they appear to be one image. A watermarked image can be broken into pieces but displayed as a single image by the browser. Any program trying to detect the watermark will look at each individual piece, and if they are small enough, will not be able to detect the watermark.
A watermark that is designed to prove authenticity of an image or other media. A fragile watermark is destroyed, by design, when the cover is manipulated digitially. If the watermark is still intact, then the cover has not been tampered with. Fragile watermark technology could be useful in authenticating evidence or ensuring the accuracy of medical records or other sensitive data.
A law that establishes the prohibition of attempts to circumvent copyright protection mechanisms placed on a protected work by the copyright holder and limits the liability of Internet service providers when their circuits are used by criminals violating the copyright law.
A visible and translucent image that is overlaid on a primary image. Visible watermarks allow the primary image to be viewed, but still marks it clearly as property of the owner. A digitally watermarked document, image, or video clip can be thought of as digitally “stamped. ”
A watermark that is very resistant to destruction under any image manipulation. This is useful in verifying ownership of an image suspected of misappropriation. Digital detection of the watermark would indicate the source of the image.

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