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Application service provider (ASP)

Provides an outsourcing service for business software applications.

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An application that requires special attention to security due to the risk and magnitude of the harm resulting from the loss, misuse, or unauthorized access to, or modification of, the information in the application. A breach in a major application might comprise many individual application programs and hardware, software, and telecommunications components. Major applications can be either major software applications or a combination of hardware/software where the only purpose of the system is to support a specific missionrelated function.
An organization that provides direct access to the Internet, such as the provider that links your college or university to the Net.
A computer information system that helps executives and managers formulate policies and plans. This support system enables the users to access information and assess the likely consequences of their decisions through scenario projections. An application that analyzes business data and presents it so as to make business decisions easier for users. DSS is considered an informational application more so than an operational application. Often a DSS is employed by knowledge workers (such as help desk or customer support) and by sales services (such as phone operators).
An independent category of service such as operating system services, communication services and data management services. Each primary service provides a discrete set of functionality. Each primary service inherently includes generic qualities such as usability, manageability and security. Security services are therefore not primary services but are invoked as part of the provision of primary services by the primary service provider.
A specialized dynamic testing technique that provides many different types of input to software to stress its limits and find previously undetected flaws. Fuzz testing software supplies invalid input to the software, either randomly generated or specially crafted to trigger known software vulnerabilities. The fuzz tester then monitors the performance of the application, watching for software crashes, buffer overflows, or other undesirable and/or unpredictable outcomes.

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