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Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)

A technique permitting the use of a single frequency band by a number of users. Users are allocated a sequence that uniquely identifies them.

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Made up of tones that pass within the voice frequency band and are carried along the same circuit as the talk path established by the signals. Also known as inband signaling.
One of several technologies used to separate multiple conversation transmissions over a finite frequency allocation of throughtheair bandwidth. TDMA is used to allocate a discrete amount of frequency bandwidth to each user in order to permit many simultaneous conversations. However, each caller is assigned a specific time slot for transmission.
A communication medium that supports only a single communication signal at a time. A form of modulation in which data signals are pulsed directly on the transmission medium without frequency division and usually utilize a transceiver. In baseband, the entire bandwidth of the transmission medium (cable) is utilized for a single channel. It uses a single carrier
FDMA is the allocation of specific channels within a defined radio frequency bandwidth to carry a specific user’s information. FDMA is a mature, reliable method of RF communication, but requires more spectrum than competing technologies to deliver its payload.
An older technique in which the available transmission bandwidth of a circuit is divided by frequency into narrow bands, each used for a separate voice or data transmission channel, which many conversations can be carried on one circuit.

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