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Layer 6

The Presentation layer of the OSI model.

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Layer 6 of the OSI model. The layer of the ISO Reference Model responsible for formatting and converting data to meet the requirements of the particular system being utilized. The OSI layer that determines how application information is represented (i. e. , encoded) while in transit between two end systems.
Layer 3 of the OSI model. The OSI layer that is responsible for routing, switching, and subnetwork access across the entire OSI environment. Think of this layer as a post office that delivers letters based on the address written on an envelope.
(1) Layer 2 of the OSI Reference Model. Provides reliable transit of data across a physical link. The datalink layer is concerned with physical addressing, network topology, line discipline, error notification, ordered delivery of frames, and flow control. The IEEE divided this layer into two sublayers: the MAC sublayer and the LLC sublayer. Sometimes simply called the link layer. Roughly corresponds to the datalink control layer of the SNA model. (2) A layer with the responsibility of transmitting data reliably across a physical link (cabling, for example) using a networking technology such as Ethernet. The DLL encapsulates data into frames (or cells) before it transmits it. It also enables multiple computer systems to share a single physical medium when used in conjunction with a media access control methodology such as CSMA/CD.
Layer 7 of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model. The topmost layer in the OSI Reference Model, providing such communication service is invoked through a software package. This layer provides the interface between end users and networks. It
Layer 1 of the OSI model. The OSI layer that provides the means to activate and use physical connections for bit transmission. In plain terms, the physical layer provides the procedures for transferring a single bit across a physical medium, such as cables.

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