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A mechanism that is separate from a motion detector and triggers a deterrent, triggers a repellant, and/or triggers a notification. Whenever a motion detector registers a significant or meaningful change in the environment, it triggers an alarm.

Similar items:
Notification of significant new trends or developments regarding the threat to the information system of an organization. This notification may include analytical insights into trends, intentions, technologies, or tactics of an adversary targeting information systems.
A device that senses the occurrence of motion in a specific area.
A set of conditions, events, and surroundings that don’t change. In theory, once understood, a static environment doesn’t offer new or surprising elements. A static IT environment is any system that is intended to remain unchanged by users and administrators. The goal is to prevent or at least reduce the possibility of a user implementing change that could result in reduced security or functional operation.
The act of using a radio wave signal detector or a wireless network detector to locate wireless networks.
The aggregate of procedures, conditions, and objects that affects the development, operation, and maintenance of a system. Note: Environment is often used with qualifiers such as computing environment, application environment, or threat environment, which limit the scope being considered.

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