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Zero Day Exploit

An attack on a system that exploits vulnerabilities that are unknown to others. Typically, it indicates that a vulnerability known to one or more attackers isn’t known to the vendor. In some cases the vendor may know about the vulnerability but hasn’t written or released a patch for the vulnerability yet.

Similar items:
A process used by software testers to evaluate the vulnerability of their software to known risks. Testers first enumerate the known misuse cases and then attempt to exploit those use cases with manual and/or automated attack techniques. Aka abuse case testing.
This type of attack exploits statistical weaknesses in a cryptosystem, such as such as floating-point errors or an inability to produce random numbers. It attempts to find vulnerabilities in the hardware or operating system hosting the cryptography application.
An attack that exploits vulnerabilities in the fragment reassembly functionality of the TCP/IP protocol stack.
A rule that states that when an agreement between parties is put into written form, the written document is assumed to contain all the terms of the agreement and no verbal agreements may modify the written agreement.
An attack in which a malicious user records the traffic between a client and server. The packets sent from the client to the server are then played back or retransmitted to the server with slight variations of the time stamp and source IP address (in other words, spoofing). In some cases, this allows the malicious user to restart an old communication link with a server. Also referred to as a playback attack.

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