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Zero Day Exploit

An attack on a system that exploits vulnerabilities that are unknown to others. Typically, it indicates that a vulnerability known to one or more attackers isn’t known to the vendor. In some cases the vendor may know about the vulnerability but hasn’t written or released a patch for the vulnerability yet.

Similar items:
This type of attack exploits statistical weaknesses in a cryptosystem, such as such as floating-point errors or an inability to produce random numbers. It attempts to find vulnerabilities in the hardware or operating system hosting the cryptography application.
An attack that exploits vulnerabilities in the fragment reassembly functionality of the TCP/IP protocol stack.
A process used to identify vulnerabilities, or weaknesses. It can include both technical means, such as vulnerability scans, and nontechnical means, such as an evaluation or inspection of existing data on threats and vulnerabilities. Examination of information to identify the elements comprising a vulnerability. The systematic examination of systems to determine the adequacy of security measures, identify security deficiencies, and provide data from which to predict the effectiveness of proposed security measures.
A program used to detect weaknesses within an organization. Vulnerability scans and vulnerability assessments are two common elements of a vulnerability management program. Vulnerability scans are technical scans performed regularly, and vulnerability assessments are normally combined with a risk assessment.
This type of attack exploits weaknesses in the implementation of a cryptography system. It focuses on exploiting the software code, not just errors and flaws but methodology employed to program the encryption system.

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