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Cipher Text

A message that has been encrypted for transmission. Enciphered information.

Similar items:
Convert enciphered text to plain text by means of a cryptographic system. The ability to convert, by use of the appropriate key, enciphered text into its equivalent plaintext.
A symbol that means nothing that is included within a message designed to confuse unintended recipients. Dummy letter, letter symbol, or code group inserted into an encrypted message to delay or prevent its decryption or to complete encrypted groups for transmission or transmission security purposes.
Cipher that uses an encryption algorithm to rearrange the letters of a plain-text message to form the cipher-text message.
A message that has been encrypted using a specific algorithm and key. (Contrast with plaintext. ). Information that has been encrypted, making it unreadable without knowledge of the key.
A method for ensuring a recipient that a message truly came from the claimed sender and that the message was not altered while in transit between the sender and recipient. Cryptographic process used to assure message originator authenticity, integrity, and nonrepudiation. Synonymous with electronic signature. The act of electronically affixing an encrypted message digest to a computer file or message in which the originator is then authenticated to the recipient.

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