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Knowledge-Based Detection

An intrusion discovery mechanism used by IDS and based on a database of known attack signatures. The primary drawback to a knowledge-based IDS is that it is effective only against known attack methods.

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In legal proceedings, each side has a duty to preserve evidence related to the case and, through the discovery process, share information with their adversary in the proceedings. This discovery process applies to both paper records and electronic records, and the electronic discovery (or e-Discovery) process facilitates the processing of electronic information for disclosure.
An intrusion discovery mechanism used by IDS. Behavior- based detection finds out about the normal activities and events on your system through watching and learning. Once it has accumulated enough data about normal activity, it can detect abnormal and possible malicious activities and events. Also known as statistical intrusion detection, anomaly detection, and heuristics-based detection.
An intrusion detection system (IDS) that is installed on a single computer and can monitor the activities on that computer. A host-based IDS is able to pinpoint the files and processes compromised or employed by a malicious user to perform unauthorized activity.
An independent category of service such as operating system services, communication services and data management services. Each primary service provides a discrete set of functionality. Each primary service inherently includes generic qualities such as usability, manageability and security. Security services are therefore not primary services but are invoked as part of the provision of primary services by the primary service provider.
A variety of techniques used to scan a range of IP addresses, searching for systems with open network ports. Network discovery scanners do not actually probe systems for vulnerabilities but provide a report showing the systems detected on a network and the list of ports that are exposed through the network and server firewalls that lie on the network path between the scanner and the scanned system.

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