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Technical penetration

An unauthorized RF, acoustic, or emanations intercept of information. This intercept may occur along a transmission path which is (1) known to the source, (2) fortuitous and unknown to the source, or (3) clandestinely established.

Similar items:
Result of measures to prevent the intercept of intentional electromagnetic transmissions.
Room or container designed to attenuate electromagnetic radiation, acoustic signals, or emanations.
Permits the active or passive transfer of information between separated points without physical connection. Active information transfer may entail a transmit and/or receive emanation of energy, whereas passive information transfer entails a receiveonly capability. Currently wireless technologies use IR, acoustic, RF, and optical but, as technology evolves, wireless could include other methods of transmission.
An attack on a system that exploits vulnerabilities that are unknown to others. Typically, it indicates that a vulnerability known to one or more attackers isn’t known to the vendor. In some cases the vendor may know about the vulnerability but hasn’t written or released a patch for the vulnerability yet.
A mechanical, electrical, or electronic device that opens or closes circuits, completes or breaks an electrical path, or selects paths or circuits. A switch looks at incoming data to determine the destination address. Based on that address, a transmission path is set up through the switching matrix between the incoming and outgoing physical communications ports and links. A network device that is an intelligent hub because it knows the addresses of the systems connected on each outbound port. Instead of repeating traffic on every outbound port, a switch repeats only traffic out of the port on which the destination is known to exist. Switches offer greater efficiency for traffic delivery, create separate broadcast and collision domains, and improve the overall throughput of data.

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